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  • Department of musicology of Novopolotsk State Musical College

    The department prepares:
    • teachers of solfeggio and musical literature for musical schools and art schools.
    The curriculum comprises a wide circle of musical and theoretical subjects, including pedagogical and lection practices, fundamentals of musical critics and composition. The students receive a serious basic school education, which gives them possibility to successfully enter and study in higher educational establishments of various specializations. Four undergraduates and three post-graduates of Belarusian State Academy of Music currently studying there have graduated from our musical college.
    The stuff of the department of musicology includes 11 experienced instructors, 5 of which have higher pedagogical qualification, other 5 – the first qualification. In the process of education the pedagogues use the whole spectrum of modern methodical and technical facilities. The lecturers E. N. Vasilyeva and E. P. Kirillova are the authors of running republican programs in subjects of “modern musical styles” and “rhythmics”. T. V. Nikulina and E. N. Vasilyeva have diplomas of a republican contest of methodical and creative works. On the basis of the department region seminars and competitions on methodical and theoretical topics are held.
    The department is distinguished for creative out-of-class activities, which include musical and performance based on own scripts (“Chopin and His Muses”, “Eternally Alive”, “Three Novels About Autumn”), intellectual games (“We Are Fond of Tchaikovsky’s Operas”, “Glinka – Known and Unknown”, etc); scientific and practical conferences (the latest were devoted to creative work and life of D. D. Shostakovich, M. P. Musorgsky, S. S. Prokofyev). The department makes use of such specific methods of work as defending a term paper, as well as concerts of musical works composed by the students of the college.
    The graduates of this department successfully work in musical schools and boarding schools of Vitebsk region.
    Drozdova S, Kollontai L, Ustinova N., Zorina S (Polotsk musical school); Valmus L., Khitrova N. (Novopolotsk musical school); Grak T., Bychkova E. (Ushachi musical school) and many others display high creative and pedagogical results in their work.
    Former graduates of the musical college now work in musical colleges of the county: E. F. Berezka, N.L. Kondratyuk, E.V. Butovskaya – in Novopolotsk State Musical College, N. Molisova – in Polotsk Pedagogical College, O. Kovalyonok – in Minsk college.
    A candidate of fine art sciences A. G. Karpilova, a candidate of cultural science L. N. Sidorovich, postgraduates S. N. Nemtsova, S. V. Tkacheva, teaching in higher educational establishments of Belarus have graduated from our college.

  • Department of brass and percussion instruments
    Department of brass and percussion instruments exists since the first day of the college’s work. Today it is a small united and high professional team of five pedagogues: M. M. Minkovich, B. P. Polyakov, V. I. Yukhnevich, I. V. Puzatko, K. V. Kudryavtsev. The department has prepared more than 300 specialists during the years of work. Most of the graduates work in the sphere of culture in their specialization.
    The department prepares:
    • teacher with the specialization of trumpet playing (trombone, flute, French horn, clarinet, saxophone, tuba or percussion instruments)
    • brass orchestra and ensemble performer
    • brass band conductor

    Our former graduates are soloists and musicians in leading professional groups of Belarus. I. Tsvetkov (trumpet) , I. Shamelo (French horn), P. Burtsev (trumpet), V. Kovretsky (trumpet player, soloist and lecturer of Belorusian State Academy of Music) work in the State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus. M. Sosenkova and S. Borovko (trombone), S. Sidorenko (French horn) play in the orchestra of State Academic Bolshoj Theatre of Opera and Ballet. A. Volchek (trumpet) – is a soloist of Presidential orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, S. Androgin and A. Perederij (trumpet) – are soloists of State Concert orchestra of Belarus with Finberg as a conductor. One can meet students of Novopolotsk State Musical College in orchestras “Klassic-Avangard”, “Nemiga”, in symphony orchestras from Commonwealth of Independent States, from Germany and even Brazil.
    M. Solodsky and P. Tychina are military conductors. V. Pavroz, V. Kleshtorny, M. Shauro and many others successfully work in city and village musical schools.
    Talented performance of our students in republican contests leaves bright memories in the department life. V. Shakel, A. Lagun., D. Reshetkin, T. Karpova, P. Tychina, S. Dereza, I. Shamelo, I. Pavlyuchenko, A. Volgin have become laureates of such musical forums. M. Sosenkova is a laureate of an international contest in Kishinev, F. Sadovsky is twice a laureate of a republican contest.
    Two of the students of this department – E. Misevich and V. Ternovoj receive scholarship from Presidential Talented Youth Support Fund.

  • Piano Department
    The department has prepared more than 400 professional musicians; about 80 of them continued their education in Belarusian State Conservatory (Academy of Music), more than 200 – in other higher educational institutions of the republic. A lot of them successfully work in their profession in musical schools of Belarus and abroad.
    Graduates of this department receive the following qualifications:
    • piano teacher in musical school
    • accompanist
    • ensemble and orchestra performer.
    Since 2004 in accordance with new curriculum piano students can study an extra instrument (organ, harpsichord, sequencer). The pedagogues and students try to keep creative and business-like atmosphere. The stuff includes experienced pedagogues, well-known for their high achievements. They are V. S. Kudryavtsev, N. C. Kushnaryova, M.B.Starostenkova, P. I. Zubtsova, T. V. Sidorova, O. N. Makhaeva. V. S. Kudryavtsev is the head of the department. His students have won prizes at republican competitions lots of times. Graduates N. N. Kushnarova, T. Sidorova, L. Mashinina, I. Brinchuk currently work in Novopolotsk State Musical College, I. Peganov is the head of piano sub-faculty in Mogilyov branch of Belarusian State Academy of Music. V. S. Kudryavtsev is famous in the republic as a methodologist, an author of several methodical works, the main of which is “Organization of students’ self-work”. He is repeatedly invited to methodic seminars in our country and abroad.
    The lecturers N. Kushnarova and M. Starostenkova are brilliant accompanists, and together they form a bright piano duet. This duet is the laureate of the republican contest of creative works. Kushnarova’s students work in Novopolotsk musical college too. They are O. Bozhok, N. Entina, O.Yarosh, A. Voronova. Kushnarova’s student Y. Sadykova is a laureate of many republican and international contests as a pianist, organist and composer. A. Sadykov has received three First prizes for two years (at international contest in the city of Smolensk, international contest “Little Prince”, republican contest in the name of Mendeleevskaya). He is a winner of Richter contest in Zhitomir. Kushnarova’s former student I. Gurchanova is the head of piano section in musical school ¹ 1 in Minsk.
    M. Starostenkova’s students O.Gurchanova, A. Kostyuchenko, N. Chernyavskaya, I. Belyanina, A. Novikov were laureates of region contests and winners of republican competitions. Y. Starostenkova won Second Prize at Chopin republican contest in 2005, she also receives scholarship of Presidential Fund.
    T. V. Sidorova, P. I. Zubtsova, O. N. Makhaeva are high qualified pedagogues whose professional and human qualities allow to reveal individuality of students in the utmost degree. There is a musical school for talented children attached to the musical college. The pedagogues of piano department work with the children of the school as well and achieve good results. Having entered Novopolotsk musical college all children proceed with their musical development.
  • Department of orchestra string instruments and chamber ensemble.

    The department is represented by an experienced stuff: A. M. Bogomolov, L. I. Pischik, G. G. Nazimova, L. S. Mashinina, E. V. Kedrova. L. V. Bezmen is at the head.
    The pedagogues and students actively participate in concerts as members of string orchestra, violin ensemble, chamber ensemble and as soloists as well. Stage and educational experience which they gain let many of the graduates continue their study in higher musical establishments of Belarus, in Petrozavod and Riga conservatories.
    Many students of the department have achieved high results in their pedagogical and performance career. E. Sapronenko teaches the class of cello in the Academy of Music, works in the Opera Theatre ochestra, gives solo concerts in Belarusian State Philharmony, T. Shrom teaches in Vitebsk branch of the Academy of Music, A. Alexandrovich is a member of the State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus and a lecturer at Tank Pedagogical University, A. Mirkas works in the President Orchestra, A. Malykh is a soloist of the state ensemble “Beseda”,
    N. Kadushko works in the state pop orchestra of Belarus, N. Avodneva, I. Grits are lectures of musical colleges of the country. Many graduates of the department currently work abroad (in Greece, Germany, Norway, the USA, Katar, Commonwealth of Independent States). Our former student Morozov is a senior lecturer in Nizhegorod conservatory.
    The students of the department have participated in region and republican contests. Among the winners are I. Grits, A. Puschina, A. Sapronenko, T. Shrom, etc.
    The graduates of the department receive the qualification of:
    • orchestra and ensemble performer
    • teacher
    • conductor

  • Department of chorus conducting
    The department exists since the founding day of the musical college. For many years it was headed by L.A. Zhukova. She and her collegues G. A. Mileshko, V. P. Antonova, N. A. Kolotsey, T. A. Tsygankova, A. M. Tkachuk were the first to develop chorus education of Polotsk district. Presently at the department exist two performance directions: academic singing (section head S. Trushina) and folk singing (section head – N. A. Kolotsey).
    Graduates of this department annually enter higher educational institutions of Belarus and Russia. But some of them have returned to musical college as pedagogues: S. M. Bedritskaya, S. G. Zaborskaya, S. V. Trushina, N. L. Borovskaya, O.S. Kovalyova. In the beginning of 90-th on the basis of this department a famous Polotsk chamber chorus was created, in 1995 Polotsk Anima-Quartet appeared. Not only the department but also the city of Novopolotsk and the whole republic are proud of these groups. Students chorus under conducting of L. Zhukova repeatedly won prizes in republican contests. Since 1993 Zhukova’s former student S. Trushina continued this tradition as the head of the chorus.
    Among the graduates who now are at the head of various chorus groups of academic direction are S. Kozlova (“Saulute”, Lithuania), N. Bryakova ( Vitebsk chorus conductor), I. Sochneva, T. Konoz (city of Minsk), L. Rumyantseva (Velikie Luki chamber chorus), O. Nikiforova (chanter). Some of them direct musical schools and musical boarding school of Vitebsk region: E. Denisyonok (Akhremov musical school), E. Ryabtseva E (Rossony musical school), Z. Ludskaya (Miory musical school).
    The atmosphere of the department is creative; one can feel mutual respect of teachers and students.
    The department prepares:

    • conductor of academic chorus, chorus singer
    • solfeggio teacher
    • music teacher in secondary school.

  • Department of folk chorus singing was opened in 1986. On its basis the folk song chorus “Rechenka”, later the folk song ensemble “Verbitsa” were organized. The main aim of the groups is the popularization of folk singing tradition, stage recovery of Belarusian customs and songs. The chorus “Rechenka” has more than once become a laureate of regional and republican contests (Grandpre of the festival “Student Spring” , second degree diploma of Republican contest of chorus and orchestra collectives of vocation schools and others).
    The graduates of the department work in many professional collectives of Belarus, the best of students continue their education in high schools of Minsk, Moscow, St.-Petersburg. The graduate of this department A. Novitskaya currently living in Germany has recorded an album of Russian folk songs and romances in Hamburg. O. Dymnikova has glorified Novopolosk with her many victories at republican and international contests. (Grandpre of “Christmas Star”, Minsk; Grandpre of “Europe-Plus”, a winner of the national TV contest “Fest” and other important awards).
    Students receive the qualification of:
    1. folk chorus conductor
    2. folk chorus performer
    3. music teacher
  • Folk instruments department (bayan, accordion)

    The department has prepared more than 500 graduates with the profile “bayan, accordeon”. About 70 % of them have entered musical high schools. Most graduates’ occupation is connected with pedagogical work. N. Lisitsa (Korneeva) is a lecturer in the Academy of Music, O. Butsko works in Mogilev branch of the Academy of Music. In musical colleges of the republic the former students of Novopolotsk musical college work, among them P. Rachitsky, G. Tobolevich, T. Sheleg, R. Milay, R. Yakubovsky. In famous musical collectives of the republic one can meet V. Ginko (state dance ensemble “Khoroshki”), I. Mikhal’kov (ensemble of folk music “Beseda”), N. Lisitsa (folk ensemble “Krupinskye musyki”). M. Lipchik is an Honoured artist of Belarusian Soviet Republic, who worked in Tsytovich State Academic Folk Chorus. P. Rachitsky and N. Machulskaya after graduating from the Academy of Music teach in the native Novopolotsk musical college.
    Many of our students have stood out in different contests. N. Karpinskaya received a prize at the Republican contest of pop-art artists, V. Ginko, D. Vasilyev, N. Korneeva are laureates of Zhinovich Republican contest, V. Tochilo received a prize at the same competition. O. Drabo became a winner at International contest in the name of Beloborodov. The duet of accordion players of N. Babich and V. Parkhomenko are awarded with the diploma of the International contest in the name of Shendereva.
    We are especially proud of the student Vladislav Pligovka, a laureate of 15 International competitions, who has a number of times received the scholarship of the special Presidential Talented Youth Support Fund. Parallel to study he gives solo performances in Minsk, Mogilev, Grodno, Molodechno, Smolensk, St-Petersburg.
    The department is headed by one of the most respected bayan pedagogues in CIS (Commemoration of Independent States) M. I. Ivashkin.
    As an author of many methodic works he is often invited to give seminars and master-classes in musical institutions of Belarus and Russia, to be a member of varied juries.He managed to form a united and high professional team, able to decide any creative tasks.
    The department prepares:
    • orchestra and ensemble performer
    • pedagogue
    • orchestra conductor

  • Department of string folk instruments
    The department prepares students in the directions: domra, balalaika, dulcimer, guitar.
    The graduates receive the qualification of
    • musical school teacher
    • folk orchestra conductor
    • orchestra and ensemble performer.
    The department has rich traditions. One of them is the high quality of students’ preparation and perfecting their skills through participation in contests. The pride of the department are the laureates of Zhinovich Republican contest N. Gorodetskaya, B. Lobanova, T. Lesun, A. Zlobina, O. Voyush, O. Dubovskaya. E. Syrova, E. Lavnova, N. Korsak, N. Rudko were awarded with prizes of republican contests.
    The best graduates successfully enter and study in the Academy of Music and Belarussian State University of Culture. The department is proud of its talented students. Olga Dubovskaya is a laureate of international competitions in Germany and “North Cup” in Cherepovets. Currently she teaches in High School of Music in Dresden and is the head of guitar and mandolin orchestra in Hamburg. Natalya Korsak is a laureate of several international contests as well, she has Grandpre of a contest in Japan, she is a soloist of Belarusian State Philharmony. Both are former students of the leading domra pedagogue G. V. Malykh, who is at the head of the domra section. She regularly initiates seminars, master-classes and meetings with prominent pedagogues and performers from Belarusian State Academy of Music, St.-Petersburg conservatory and Gnesiny University. For many years G. V. Malykh has headed the student orchestra of Russian folk instruments, which has won prizes at republican contests of creative works.
    The students at the department are taught by experienced pedagogues G. N. Rachitskaya and E. I. Yuschenko (dulcimer), N. L. Malinovskaya and V. K. Lavrikova (domra, balalaika). Their graduates successfully work in the schools of the disrtict, in concert philharmonic collectives of Belarus.