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  • Bayan orchestra
    Bayan orchestra is one of the brightest student collectives of the vocation schools of Belarus. Its head, the director of Novopolotsk State Musical School A. K. Kondratyuk, is a spirited, versatile conductor. Huge devotion, creative unity with the orchestra make concert programmes emotionally tense and visually impressive. The orchestra is a 6-time winner of republican contests of orchestra and chorus collectives of vocation schools. In 2003 the orchestra performed at the stage of the Palace of Republic in Minsk in the concert devoted to the Day of Independence of the Republic of Belarus.
    The rich repertuar of the orchestra includes Russian and foreign classics, virtuoso fantasies on folk melodies, original authour works, in particular the ones specially written for this collective (“A Tale of Khatyn”, “Starogorodskaya suita” by Malykh; the series of plays “Moods” and Moldavian suite by L. Malinovsky, etc).
    In the orchestra play talented soloists (xylophone, trumpet, saxophone), who bring new colours to the musical range of the orchestra.


  • Russian folk instruments orchestra.

    Russian folk instrument orchestra possesses wide picturesque and performing possibilities. The collective is distinguished for a high culture of performance, subtlety of musical interpretation. The orchestra has taken part in republican contests and received prizes. Outstanding specialists at the head of the orchestra – G. V. Malykh and V. L. Malykh have contributed much to it.The orchestra repertoire includes compositions of world classic (for example Sibelius, A. Lyadov, T. Albinoni), and adaptation of tunes of different nations. But a special place belongs to Belarusian music compositions, among them are the plays of the orchestra head V. Malykh. V. Malykh’s music is known and loved in Belarus. His compositions are on the list of obligatory ones in contest programs. (for example “The Spring Overture”, “Barynya", “Toccata”). He has created a unique and original repertory for the orchestra.
    Belarusian virtuoso, frequent winners of international contests N. Rudko, N. Korsak, V. Pligovka who have played with the orchestra many times all were members of the group.

  • Brass orchestra
    The brass orchestra of Novopolotsk State Musical College enjoys popularity in Polotsk region. Its colorful, fiery repertoire, emotional performance and talented soloist can add zest to any concert.
    The orchestra was at different periods headed by M. Minkovich, O. Baron, F. Zavt, V. Nikiforov, R. Rak. The collective is the winner of many republican contests and festivals of spiritual music, the laureate of the republican competition of orchestra and chorus collectives of vocational schools (the first prize, 1992).


  • Folk music ensemble “Toloka”

    The ensemble “Toloka” exits more than 10 years. It is composed of the pedagogues of the musical college. The group is the laureate of the international contest “Sounds of harmonics and dulcimers”. Fiery songs and inspired tunes in original adaptation by V. Malykh inflame both Belarussian and Russian audience. The conductors of the collective are Galina and Viktor Malykh. In 1997 a children musical school attached to a Novopolotsk State Musical College opened its doors. A. M. Tkachuk is at the head of it. 28 children study at the school. The leading teachers work to find out talented children and work with them using individual methodic. It allows to uncover children’s abilities and potential, to create conditions for intensive creative development.
    The cogency of the system is confirmed by the students’ success at regional, republican and international competitions. Graduates Pligovka V., Puschina A., Kostyuchenko A., Sadikova A., Sadikova J., Korsak N. are bursars of the Presidential Talented Youth Support Fund. Pupils of the school continue their studies at Novopolotsk State Musical College, then as a rule at academies of music in Belarus and abroad.