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  • Novopolotsk State Musical College was founded in 1968 (according to the order of the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR, July 23, 1968). More than 2000 professionals in 15 specialties have graduated from the college for 37 years.
  • The first director of the musical college Boris Petrovich Polyakov formed a strong pedagogical staff, having invited bright talented people, inspired musicians to the city of Novopolotsk. Among them are choirmasters L. A. Zhukova, G.A. Mileshko, S.V. Lukyanova, musicologists A.N. Zarubko, N. L. Vashkevich, R. N. Merkhasina, bayan-player V. Platonov, pianist S. Muravyova, literature expert L.E. Stupakova. The teaching was conducted in 5 specialties. Today the musical college has 8 departments, where high-skilled specialists of several generations work. Succession of generations helps the collective to keep traditions.
  • Since 1988 the musical college is headed by Alexander Ivanovich Kondratyuk.
    A huge historical and creative contribution to development of the college was made by M. M. Minkovich, V. T. Borsch, O.S. Kudryavtseva, L. I. Polyakova, E. S. Martos, N. and I. Khotylyovs, M.I. Ivashkin, U. A. Bauskov, I.I. Kachan, T. A. Tsygankova, V. S. Kudryavtsev, L.V. Bezmen, A.M. Bogomolov, S. M. Mazurina. The following people are well-known in the republic as pedagogues, methodologists and concert performers as well as: G. V. Malykh and V. L. Malykh, A. I. Kondratyuk, L. I. Ostroukhova, N. A. Kolotsei, N. S. Kushnaryova, T. N. Ivashkina, A. M. Sinitsyna, M. V. Starostenkova, T. V. Nikulina, E. P. Kirillova, E. N. Vasilyeva.
  • The pride of the musical college is its creative groups: the orchestra of Russian folk instruments /the conductor – V. L. Malykh/, the bayan orchestra /the conductor – A. I. Kondratyuk/, brass orchestra /the conductor – V. Nikiforov/, academic chorus /the conductor – S. V. Trushina/, the chorus of folk songs “Rechenka” /the conductor - Kolotsei/, ensemble of folk songs “Verbitsa” /the conductor N. L. Borovskaya/, ensemble of folk music “Toloka” /the conductors – V. and G. Malykh/.
  • Much contributed to the history of Belarusian culture the laureates of international contests Polotsk chamber chorus /the conductor L. Zhukova/, sextet of bayan-players /the conductor M. Ivashkin/, Polotsk-Anima-Quartet /the conductor A. Starostenkov/. In 1999 the pedagogue L. A. Zhukova was awarded with a special President Prize “For Spiritual Revival”. The analogical award “The Person of the Year” was presented to T. A. Tsygankova.
  • In 1998 a musical school for talented children was opened. The school is run by the head of the practical department A. M. Tkachuk. It helps to create an effective 2-step system of the work of young musicians and experiences teachers and to achieve high results.
  • The stuff of the educational establishment Polotsk Musical College see their aim in preserving cultural originality of the region, interest to art and musical traditions.
    The complexity of present situation has influenced the material equipment of the institution, but hasn’t changed views and positions of its colleagues, who see in art and pedagogy sense of life and their main occupation.
    The stuff team is inspired and creative, in its everyday work it proves continuity and vitality of Belarusian spiritual values.